What’s the difference between QuickScore and Scoreboard?

Updated on March 9, 2017 in Frequently Asked
1 on July 27, 2016

Nothing!  Actually that is not quite true. They use exactly the same code base but slightly different menu headings that reflect the language of either the Balanced Scorecard or general business. For example, QuickScore will use terms like ‘Balanced Scorecard’ where Scoreboard will use ‘Scorecard. QuickScore will use the term ‘Performance Measure’ where Scoreboard will use ‘KPI’ In total, there are only FIVE main terminology differences that can be found between QuickScore and Scoreboard, they are:

  • Balanced Scorecards — Scorecards
  • Strategic Initiatives — Action Plans
  • Perspective — Key Performance Area
  • Theme — Subordinate Area
  • Performance Measure — KPI


The other difference is that with Scoreboard you can ask the software providers to include your own terminology in the menus if you want.  So for example if in your company you use the term ‘Metric’ instead of KPI, the term can be substituted.

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