Version 3 Gauges – where is the slider?

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1 on February 21, 2018

Hi, I’ve noticed that in Version 3 there is only one gauge type whereas in V2 there were sliders.  Will sliders be added?

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0 on February 21, 2018

Hi Gary, 

I have had the following from one of the development team at Spider Strategies. It looks like lots of new functionality will be added to version 3.2 due in the summer:

– Auto-generate dashboard widgets (Scoreboard only)
– New dashboard widgets:
  – Linear gauges
  – Notes
  – Reports
  – Initiative charts
– Graph initiative data on standard charts.  This is different than the initiative chart.
– Manually set the Y-axis start and end values
– Allow removal the X and Y axis labels
– Custom labels for charts
– Single-period chart labels
– Setting dashboard widget size manually. In version 2 you could make multiple
dashboard objects the same size by selecting multiple objects and then resizing one of
them. This wasn’t very intuitive, so we’ve changed it to being able to manually type in the
height and width of one or more selected dashboard objects.
– Locking dashboard widgets. In version 2 you could choose to set an image as a
background image for a dashboard. We’ve removed this in version 3. Instead, we’ve
added the ability to lock a dashboard widget in place. That way you can add a big image
to a dashboard and then lock it so you won’t accidentally move it. We’ve also written an
automatic upgrade that converts dashboard background images to regular locked
– Align dashboard objects. You can now align multiple objects top, left, right, bottom.
– Dynamic text widgets.  You can insert the following phrases into normal text widget content, and they will be
replaced with live versions.
  – [calendar-period]
  – [calendar]
  – [dashboard]
  – [organization]
  – [today] 
– Configure size of text below bubble widgets
– Change outline colors for text boxes
– Ability to have hyperlinks in text widget

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