How can I restrict a users view?

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1 on July 27, 2016

I’ve been adding several users to the system as Communication users and only want them to see the scorecards belonging to the departments they work in.  I know this can be done but can’t figure it out.  Sorry to be such a newbie but can any one help?

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0 on July 27, 2016

Restricting a users view is pretty easy, but not the most intuitive thing you will do in QuickScore!  First up you need to be an administrator, your are so that’s okay.  Then, while in Administration:

  • Click on Users and select the user you are interested in
  • Check which group the user is in, viewing permissions are allocated to Groups not individuals.
  • You can set 1 user up in 1 group, that way you can set individual permissions
  • Let’s say your user is in the Marketing Group.
  • Click on ‘Groups’ on the left and select Marketing
  • Click on Advanced Permissions for Group Members’
  • Make sure the ‘View All Organisations’ check box is UNCHECKED, this is important and Save
  • Click on ‘View Organisation Permissions’ on the left
  • Click on the drop-down and select ‘Marketing’
  • The blue dot organisation tree will come up, you will see two check-box columns
  • The ‘cascade’ column is only used if there are sub-organisations to the one you select.  if there are you can check it and all sub organisations will be selected.
  • Check the View column check box for marketing and Save

You are done, if you sign in as that user, PROVIDED they are not allocated to another group with different permissions, you will only see the Marketing node (You will see the root node as well, but will not have access to it)

If the above was difficult to follow, they is a really good little video (number 6) on the Intrafocus website that explains it.

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