How can I add an Initiative?

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2 on November 11, 2016

Where could we log strategic initiatives? I am noticing that in several cases depts have marked projects as objectives and on one hand I wouldn’t want that info to be lost but on the other it is not an objective.

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1 on November 11, 2016

Usually Initiatives are associated to Objectives or Performance Measures.  For example, if you go to an Objective and click on the green tick button on the top right of the screen, you will be given the option to create an Initiative, Task or Milestone.  Click on “Add Strategic Initiative” and go through the dialogue to add the Initiative.  When complete, go back to the Objective and scroll down to Related Items and you will see the Objective in the list.

If the Initiative is not related to an Objective or Measure, then just go to Strategic Initiative via the main drop-down menu and create it.

Check out the Intrafocus guide: Creating Initiatives

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For Version 3

Creating Initiatives

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