How can I add a Briefing?

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I know this should be really simple, but how can I add a Briefing?

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Hi James, 

Yes, it is really easy 🙂 follow this sequence:

  • Go to any screen you want in the Briefing (for example a dashboard)
  • up in the top right-hand corner click on the Send To button and select Briefing
  • in the Choose a Briefing panel, select where you want the Briefing to appear and then click +Add
  • give the briefing a name.
  • click Save to save the original screen you have selected in the Briefing
  • go to the next screen you want to include
  • click on the Send to button and select Briefing
  • this time you can select the Briefing that you have just created
  • repeat the previous three steps until all of the screens you want are included

When you click on Briefings in the main menu, you briefing with all of the slides will appear. (make sure you select the correct Organisation Node) To sort them:

  • click on Edit, top-right
  • drag and drop the slides
  • click done

Take a look at the ‘Collate a Briefing’ video guide (bottom of the list)     

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