Extending a Calendar

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My calendar appears to end in May 2017, how can I extend it?

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Hi Nicolau, 

The application allows ‘custom’ calendars to be built and as such requires users to define the date ranges.  The default calendars have been built for you and the end dates were set at May 2017. To extend the calendar, please do the following:

For Version 3:


  • click on the Settings cog (lower left)
  • click on Calendars
  • the monthly calendar should appear, if it does not click on Monthly
  • towards the upper right, click on + Extend Calendar
  • select the year and month you want to extend to e.g. 2020 January
  • click on the actual date e.g. 01 in the date chart
  • click on Extend – the calendar will be extended
  • go through the same process for Quarterly and Yearly

There is a complete under ‘Calendars’ here: QuickScore Getting Started


For Version 2:

  • go to Administration in the main navigation menu
  • click on Calendars under Setup
  • select Monthly and click on the New Calendar Period button
  • click on the Extend Calendar to this Date drop-down
  • select the end-date for the monthly calendar (e.g. 31st December 2020) and click OK
  • repeat the process for the Quarterly and Yearly calendars
The calendars will be extended to the end point you select.


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