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Updated on April 17, 2018 in Initiatives
1 on April 17, 2018

We have been using the V3 system for a couple of months now and are very happy. However, we have just archived some Initiatives and can’t see how to un-archive them.

In V2, I remember we had to generate a report, that function does not appear to be available in V3.1.  In V3.2 there is an ‘Initiative’ placeholder in Charts and Reports but no function.

Is there a way to get archived Initiatives back?

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0 on April 17, 2018

Hi Nicolau, 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way right now in 3.1, report functionality is coming in 3.2.

The workarounds are as follows:

If you know the initiative’s name, you could use the search button in the lower left; if you know the ID, you could go straight to the URL;

if you need to get a list of the archived initiatives in the system, you could use the SQL Console and run the following:

select initiativeid,title from initiatives where archivedate is not null;

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