Hi, Quickscore Ninja here. I’ve set up this forum in an attempt to encourage QuickScore users around the world to interact. I’ve been using QuickScore for around three years now and even though it has its problems, it is still just about the best tool there is for business performance management.


The great news is that other software vendors think so too so there are now resellers all around the world. Why is this good news? Because the more that gets sold, the better the new developments will be! I’ve seen some really good enhancements in the past year. Embedded dashboards for one, that has made such a difference to getting people bought into the product.


There are already some great resources available, Spider Strategies have a comprehensive set of training videos on their website but I should make a special mention of Intrafocus who have really gone to town with videos, getting started guides and a video help desk, if you have not seen this yet, I would encourage you to take a look.


Keep asking questions, at the moment Luke, Sarah and I are doing most of the answering, that’s okay, we are happy to do so but we are hoping a couple more ninjas will turn up!